The section applies to craftsman styled homes in Larch Park.  It is important, however, that it is not read isolation as many aspects of environmental design are addressed in the Architecture and Sustainability sections and urban design matters addressed in the Area Specific guidelines.

Craftsman style homes, sometimes called Arts & Crafts style or Shingle Homes, have a long history in Alberta. The building style took root here in the early 20th century. Now, in the early 21st century, it is experiencing a popular renaissance.

The warm wood details of Craftsman homes will help create Lark Park’s warm, welcoming streetscapes. The asymmetrical freedom the style provides ensures houses can be designed to capitalize on the strengths of specific lots.

Characteristics of Craftsman Homes

Craftsman homes bring colour, warmth and texture to any street.

They are characterized by simple forms, steep roofs, front porches, bright colours, use of local materials and, most important, hand-crafted exterior detailing.  Picturesque roofscapes and formal elements such as bay windows, dormers and articulated chimneys add visual interest and variety.

Like Capital Modern, the simple asymmetric form of Craftsman homes allows them to adapt to the site as well as the functional needs of today’s homeowners.

Craftsman homes are often “grounded” on a tapered base of stone or shingles to give the appearance that the home “grew” out of the land.

As developers, we are inspired by Craftsman’s emphasis on quality. That, and the use of natural materials, makes these homes an appropriate fit for Larch Park.


Craftsman Guidelines

Craftsman homes will be reviewed for: picturesque but simple massing, richness of material & colour, and detailing that displays a high degree of craft.

Roof bracketsRoof bracketsMassing and Roof Form

  • strong front facing gable, 8:12 to 12:12 roof slope.
  • 1 1/2 storey roof form.
  • deep overhanging eaves, minimum 18”.
  • a balanced, well crafted element at the eaves or high up the gable, such as roof brackets or exposed rafters
  • smaller homes, less than 35’ wide shall generally have only one prominent gable or roof form.


All craftsman homes shall include a visually strong base:

  • top at least 30” above grade
  • bottom to be within 2” of grade and follow any slopes
  • clad in stone, wood shingles or stucco.

Tapered forms are encouraged.

Welcoming porch with creative roof form to highlight the entryWelcoming porch with creative roof form to highlight the entryFront Porches

Craftsman styled homes shall have a front porch, either full or partial width, with

  • a natural stained tongue and groove cedar soffit (exemptions will be considered on porches greater than 120 sq. ft.),
  • square tapered columns with pedestals that extend to the grade level, and
  • a front door with a hand crafted appearance
  • creative detailing at the eaveline.

A highly crafted entry portico will be considered in instances were space does not permit a front porch.


  • 2-over-1, 3-over-1, 4-over-1 or 6-over-1 windows,
  • often in grouped to create larger openings and character
  • minimum 4” trim

Siding Colours and Materials

Siding materials

Roof Colours and Materials

  • laminated double layer asphalt shingles: black, brown, red or green
  • wood shingles
  • standing seam metal with a colour appropriate to the main body of the house.


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