Nestview Homes


The Nestview lots line the gateway street to Larch Park. They front Magrath Boulevard and frame the two main entrances to the community. Such a distinctive location calls for distinctive homes. We envision striking contemporary architecture against a backdrop of trees.

Detail Map

Nestview and Willow

Features & Amenities

  • Adjacent to the walking path that connects Rabbit Hill to Larch Sanctuary.
  • Additional front yard landscape setbacks.
  • Rear lane access
  • Zoning to permit garage suites
  • RPL zoning in place
  • 17 lots averaging 12.2 x 42.5m for a 32’ house pocket

Guidelines Specific to Nestview


In this part of Larch Park, we require Capital Modern. We encourage you to consider how to seamlessly integrate solar panels into the design.

Solar Ready

Limit solar panels to the centre third of the roof, parallel to the roof slope if the roof is sloped.  We may permit larger arrays if it they are integrated into the architecture and not excessively visible from the street.

Trees with a mature height of more than 6.0 m are not permitted in side yards.

Front Yard Setbacks

To protect the tree row, deep foundations shall be setback 9.0m from the front lot line. Projections of up to 1.5m are permitted into this setback provided they are cantilevered, on piles or have a shallow foundation.

Massing and Building Height

  • The front elevation shall have a minimum 2.0m step with the south potion of the home setback from the north portion.
  • The 3rd floor of flat roofed houses shall be set back a minimum of 2.0m from the floors below.


  • Front porches are required at the south west corner of each house.

Roof Slope and Orientation

In order to maximize potential for solar gain, roofs shall be:

  • flat,
  • mono-pitched with a maximum slope of 3:12, or
  • a 12:12 gabled roof form with the ridge running east-west.

Front Yard Landscaping

We have prepared a landscape plan for the area between the back of sidewalk and the front face of the house. It will include:

  • native groundcover
  • areas for private lawns and patios
  • location and material for front walks
  • location of a root barrier to prevent suckering of the tree row.

Rear Yard Landscaping

Homeowners are responsible for planting at least 15 shrubs and a minimum of 2 coniferous or deciduous trees. Refer to Plants Lists to discover the best choices.

Maximum House Size

The maximum house size, in square feet, of Nestview Homes shall be:

  • up to 2 bedrooms 1700 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms 2000 square feet
  • more than 3 bedrooms 2400 square feet
Larch Guidelines Version 3.0