Poplar Homes

Detail Map

Phase 4 + 5 Spruce, Poplar and South Ravine

Features & Amenities

  • Variety: duplex lots; rear detached garages.
  • Lots ideally orient for passive and active solar gain.
  • Easy access to Larch Sanctuary and the Top of Bank Trail.
  • Curved street allows for a strong streetscape.

Guidelines Specific to This Area

Architectural Styles

Capital Modern, Craftsman and Prairie Styles are permitted in this area.

Side Yard Setbacks

The minimum side yard setback for all lots in this area is 1.25 m.

Massing and Building Height

Each side of the duplex shall have a unique elevation; elevations must not be mirror images.

Craftsman homes shall have a primary eave line within 4.0m of grade.

Capital Modern homes shall have a predominant horizontal element within 4.0m of grade. Break the massing into smaller offset planes to reduce the overall presence.

Contain upper storey windows in Prairie Styled homes within a uniform horizontal band.

High Visibility Elevations

Design rear elevations and side elevations fronting streets and public spaces to the same level of detail as the front elevation, including handrails/guards, stonework and so on.

Make support posts for elevated decks consistent with design character of the house. They should generally be 10” or greater in dimension. Cantilevered decks are not permitted.

Driveways and Garages

All garages are rear-lane access only. Click here to see lot-specific information on the West or East location

Refer to Landscape Guidelines for driveway materials and dimensions.


We encourage and would like to maintain an open feel across the lots. As such, front yard fences are not permitted.

To maximize the perception of space between houses, side yard fences may only start at midway of house, extending to the rear yard. Where privacy is desired, achieve it with trees, shrubs and bushes.

Consult the Landscape Guidelines for more information on fencing requirements.

Maximum House Size

The maximum house size of houses in Poplar Homes shall be:

  • up to 2 bedrooms:1700 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms:  2000 square feet
  • more than 3 bedrooms:  2400 square feet

Lot-Specific Requirements

Lot 86 of Block 8 and Lots 14, 15, 28 of Block 9 are located on corners in highly visible locations.

For this reason, they shall:

  • have corner wrapping porches on the street facing corners.
  • have an upgraded elevation treatment on the side elevation facing the street.
  • have larger windows on the side elevation facing the street.
  • have ample landscaping in side yards.
Larch Guidelines Version 3.0