Ravine Homes


These areas feature the largest lots in Larch Park, most with stunning views. Taking inspiration from adjacent natural areas, the guidelines for these areas ensure homes are well proportioned. The idea is to avoid overpowering the natural setting both from the street and from ravine and park areas.

As most lots have rear access to walking paths, typically there is only one sidewalk.  There are numerous walk-out lots.

Through larger side and front setbacks, limitations on eave heights and extensive native landscape treatment, these guidelines envision lower profile estate homes nestled amongst a lightly-treed natural setting.

Detail Maps

Phase 1 North Ravine, Aspen and Sanctuary View

Phase 3 Spruce and South Ravine

Phase 4 + 5 Spruce, Poplar and South Ravine


Guidelines Specific to These Areas

Architectural Styles

Capital Modern, Craftsman and Prairie styles are permitted in this area. All are well suited for the high quality custom design this area demands.

Front Setbacks

Minimum front setbacks as noted on the above Detail Maps were determined based on a careful consideration of lot depth, lot shape, house type and garage location. As a whole, they are carefully designed to create a harmonious and natural streetscape with an almost rural feel.

Side Yard Setbacks

The minimum side yard setbacks for all lots in this area shall be 1.5m.

Massing and Building Height

To satisfy the vision of lower profiled homes in a treed setting, the intent of this guideline is to encourage modest designs with articulation to minimise the visual massing of the home: 

  • Craftsman homes shall have a primary eave line within 4.0m of grade.
  • Capital Modern homes shall have a predominant horizontal element within 4.0m of grade. The massing shall be broken into smaller offset planes to reduce the overall presence.
  • On walkout lots, the rear elevation shall contain a primary eave line within 7.0m of the rear grade. Unbroken three storey elevations are prohibited.
  • Floor areas above garages perpendicular to the street must be fully contained within the roof line. In general floor areas above garages are discouraged; they are energy inefficient due to the large envelope surface area.

High Visibility Elevations & Walkout Lots

  • Rear elevations and side elevations fronting public space shall be designed to the same level of detail as the front elevation.
  • Support posts for elevated decks shall be consistent with design character of the house and should generally be 10” or greater in dimension. Cantilevered decks are not permitted.


Garages shall be designed to minimize their visual impact from the street. Two garage configurations are permitted:

Perpendicular to the Street:

  • shall not project more than 1.5m from the front face of the main body of the home or a covered front porch,
  • shall have the front elevation articulated with a window, bay, or other architectural feature,
  • are limited to those lots indicated in the Ravine Garage & Driveway Locations PDF,
  • shall be limited to two cars except where the Ravine Garage & Driveway Locations PDF permits 3 cars.  In such instances, the third door shall be set back a minimum of 0.5m from the other two.

Parallel to the Street:

  • shall be flush with or recessed from the main body of the house or the front face of a roofed front porch,
  • shall only have two bays, though double depth or tandem garages are permitted, and
  • are limited to those lots indicated in the Ravine Garage & Driveway Locations PDF.

We will consider alternatives on a case-by-case basis but generally only when creative efforts are made to minimize the visual presence of the garage.


Driveways are to be designed to limit their visual presence from the street.

  • Permitted materials: exposed aggregate concrete, cobblestone-like pavers or brushed concrete with a minimum 0.3m border of stone.
  • Curvilinear forms are required.
  • Only one access point to the street per house.
  • Located as per the Ravine Garage & Driveway Locations PDF.


  • Shall taper to 5.5m at the property line
  • May flare out to a maximum 6.0 at the curb
  • Shall have a minimum of 1.0m setback from the side property line


To maintain views and a sense of openness, front yard fences are not permitted in this area. Side property fences are not permitted within 18.0m of the front of each lot. Where privacy is required, it is best achieved with bushes and trees.

Rear yard fencing is only encouraged when it helps define patios, terraces or outdoor rooms. In such cases a high quality material such as brick or stone wall can add to the character of the space. Side and/or rear fences on lots adjacent to Larch Pond must be decorative metal. Rear fences on Ravine lots can be decorative metal or wood screen.

For more on fences, consult the Landscaping Guidelines.

Maximum House Size

The maximum house size, in square feet, of houses shall be:

Bungalow: 2200 sf

Two storey:

Up to 2 bedrooms: 2500 sf
3 bedrooms: 2800 sf
More than 3 bedrooms: 3400 sf

Not included in the above sizes: walkout level floor areas and bedrooms on the walkout level.

Lot Specific Requirements

Lots 2 thru 9

Lots 2 thru 9 have front yards overlooking the ravine.  They shall:

  • have wide, welcoming front porches, with the front face of the porch in line with or in front of the face of the garage door
  • large windows overlooking the ravine

Lots 10, 11, 22 and 26

Lots 10, 11, 22 and 26 have side yards fronting onto walking trails.  They shall:

  • consider a wrap-around porch on the corner facing the walkway,
  • have and upgraded elevation treatment to these side elevations,
  • have larger windows on this side elevation, and
  • have ample landscaping in these side yards

Lot 41

Lot 41 is a prominent lot that will be highly visible as one enters this neighbourhood.  It also benefits from over 55m of frontage onto parks on the south and east sides.  The home on this lot shall:

  • have a well designed wrap-around porch on the southwest  corner,
  • have its garage door setback or in-line with the west face of the porch,
  • have living spaces with large south facing windows and/or patio doors, and
  • have equal elevation treatment to the west, south and east elevations.


Larch Guidelines Version 3.0