Introduction To The Guidelines


Larch Park is a community on the Whitemud Ravine that celebrates ecology and architecture. It is a smart, fresh and inspiring place to live.

The four principles that guide the development are:

  1.   Pursue Architectural Excellence
  2.   Build Greener Buildings
  3.   Make it Compact, Diverse & Connected
  4.   Conserve & Create Natural Habitat


These guidelines outline and illuminate the direction and form of Larch Park.

They are directed primarily to builders, architects and designers. Some homeowners may find them to be a resource while crafting their own personal oasis. The landscape section in particular contains useful home owner information.

Our intent is to provide an open and transparent platform from which the community can take shape. The guidelines, while extensive, may not address every situation. The design review consultant is available to discuss exceptions that fit the standards of excellence we’ve established.

Our goal is to work with our partners to create an innovative, informed and elegant community, one that will provide an exceptional experience and enduring value for all.


The guidelines always start broadly and, as you scroll down, become more detailed. Take advantage of the embedded links. They reveal the interrelationships between each component. 


The Landscape section guides decisions like parking, driveways, retaining walls, grading, planting, etc.  As well, it addresses the importance we’ve placed on linking the design of one property to another.


The Architectural guidelines inspire the exterior form and appearance of all the homes and buildings in Larch Park. Here’s where you’ll find information about massing, materials, colours and permitted styles. Sub-sections define Capital Modern and Craftsman styles.


The Sustainability section outlines the environmental performance requirements of all homes in Larch Park. Watch for the links to third-party rating systems.

Area Specific Guidelines

The Area Specific Guidelines consist of a number of subsections. Each sub-section describes the unique design aspirations, building forms, orientation and attributes of special areas within the community.

A Few Disclaimers

Please do not read sections in isolation. All the concepts are interdependent.

The guidelines are a living document. As developers, we reserve the right to alter or amend these guidelines at our sole discretion and without any prior notice.

This is version 3.0.

Larch Guidelines Version 3.0