Submission Process


The submission and deposit release process has five steps:

1. Conceptual Design Review
2. Construction Document Review
3. Landscape Design Review
4. Landscape Completion Approval
5. Final Completion Review

All home designs must be submitted to the designated Design Review Consultant (Steps 1 and 2).

All landscape designs must be submitted to the designated Landscape Review Consultant (Steps 3 and 4).

The consultant will review the design and recommend approval or rejection based on the application’s adherence to these guidelines. 

The developer will make the final approval or rejection decisions. A copy of the application form and a marked-up set of plans shall then be made available to the builder. The original application and one set of similarly marked drawings will be kept for future reference.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed. An application is deemed to be received on the date that it is complete in its entirety.

Submittal requirements for each stage are outlined below.


1. Conceptual Design Submittal Requirements

  • Form A
  • Site Plan: minimum scale of 1:250, showing property lines, setbacks, north arrow
  • Elevations, minimum scale of 1:100
  • Plans, minimum scale of 1:100
  • Outline of materials and colours
  • Outline of sustainable design initiatives

2. Final Design Submittal Requirements

  • Form B
  • Site Plan: minimum scale of 1:200, showing property lines, setbacks, north arrow, landscape areas, grading information, all buildings and structures, driveways and walks, patios and decks,
  • Elevations: minimum scale of 1:75, labelled north, south, east and west, NOT left, right, front, back. (Houses should take into consideration solar orientation.)
  • Floor Plans, minimum scale of 1:75
  • Foundation Plan, minimum scale of 1:75, with
  • Building Section, minimum scale of 1:75
  • One sets of plans reduced to 11x17 paper.
  • Materials and colours list
  • Projected Energuide Rating


Submissions shall indicate, to a level of detail appropriate to the submission: material, manufacturer, colour, sample (Y/N) and any support material / notes:

  • roof surface
  • soffit
  • facia
  • eavestrough
  • wall materials
  • accent materials / trim
  • window materials
  • glazing specs
  • chimney
  • foundation cladding
  • porch / deck floor
  • porch / deck railings
  • doors
  • garage doors
  • driveway

3. Landscape Design Submittal Requirements

  • Landscape Plan, minimum scale of 1:200, metric scale showing: north arrow and planting, lawns and hard surfaced areas
  • All surfaces treatments and descriptions of materials and finishes.
  • All proposed planting with complete tree, shrub, and perennial lists.
  • List of proposes species including caliper size and quantities.
  • Inventory and location of existing trees plus proposed tree care program for these trees.
  • Location of proposed fencing.
  • Design details such as fence elevations, gate details, exterior trash or recycling storage, or any other proposed hard landscaping elements.
  • Site grading plan consistent with the City of Edmonton’s requirements, and clearly showing site grades, stormwater capture/management, and rainwater capture and reuse.

4. Landscape Approval

Following completion of landscaping contact the Landscape Review Consultant for final review for compliance with submitted and approved design.

5. Final Completion Review (prior to release of Guidelines Deposit)

Submittal Requirements

  • Signed Landscape Approval Form from IBI Group
  • Lot Grading Inspection Report from the City of Edmonton
  • Final Grading Certificate from the City of Edmonton
  • Built Green Certification (or LEED or R2000 if applicable)
  • Energuide Rating
  • Digital copy of Hot2000 model to reflect as-built conditions
  • Written request for release sent to the Design Review Consultant

Security Deposits

Security deposit(s) will be required to ensure compliance with these architectural, sustainability and landscape guidelines.

Prior to release of security deposits, the developer must be in receipt of the following:

  • Rough grading and final grading approval from the City of Edmonton
  • Written request for release accompanied by lot grading certificate
  • Final inspection report by the Design Review Consultant outlining as-built conformance with the guidelines, house plan approval, confirmation of landscape completion
  • Final review by the Design Review Consultant for report of damages to municipal or developer improvements
  • Inspection at completion of all minimum landscape requirements
  • Receipt of environmental certification from relevant third-party agency
  • Final Energuide Rating
  • Hot2000 model updated to reflect as-built conditions.

Review Consultants

The designated Design Review Consultant is:

Mariah Consulting Ltd.
#210, 9038 – 51 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6E 5X4
Ph: 780-437-3443 Fax: 780-436-5920

The designated Landscape Review Consultant is:

IBI Group
Attn: Luc Deniger
Phone: 780-428-4000

Larch Guidelines Version 3.0