Sustainability Guidelines

The Sustainability Guidelines apply primarily to performance of the individual homes in Larch Park.  It is important, however, that they are not read isolation as there and many sustainable design principles addressed in the Architecture and Landscape sections and much of the Area Specific guidelines address sustainable issues relevant to individual lots.

Ambitious and Flexible

As developers, we are taking a number of steps to create a more environmentally intelligent subdivision. To truly succeed, we require the commitment of builders and individual homeowners.

We recognize that there are many interpretations of what constitutes a “green” or “sustainable” building.  For example, you may be interested in energy performance. Another builder may prioritize indoor air quality. Another may prefer to maximize recycled content.

Consequently, Larch Park’s Sustainability Guidelines are ambitious, but flexible.

Required Environmental Performance

To this end, all builders at Larch Park will be required to design their houses and obtain an approved rating via any one of the following verification systems:

  1. BuiltGreen, with a minimum Energuide rating of 80,
  2. LEED for Homes Gold, with a minimum Energuide rating of 80,
  3. R2000 with a minimum Energuide rating of 80,
  4. Achieve an Energuide rating of 87.

Click here for a summary of these rating systems.

Construction Process

Construction Waste Management / Recycling

Builders will be required to participate in a construction waste management program established by the developer.

Appearance During Construction

Lots shall remain clean and orderly before and during construction.  Builders found noncompliant will be back charged for all clean-up carried out by the developer.

Silt Fences

Builders may be required to install silt fences in some areas during construction.

Sharing of Information

Sustainability and Energy Models

Builders will be required to submit to the developer specifications and energy performance models of their homes. This information will be kept confidential but will be used to develop aggregate energy savings data and benchmarks for the community as a whole.

Achievements in Energy Efficiency

According to Natural Resources Canada a new house that meets building code standards has a EnerGuide Rating of 65-72.

All of the 29 Larch Park homes complete as of February 2014 have a rating of 80 or above. The top performer has a rating of 91, which means it requires little to no purchased energy.

Energuide Scores

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