Third Party Green Building Rating Systems

There are a number of third-party green rating systems suitable for houses in Canada and abroad.  The following programs below have been selected for use in Larch Park:

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Energuide is a Natural Resources Canada initiative that rates the energy performance of homes, equipment and appliances in Canada.  A higher number indicates better performance or lower energy bills.

0 to 50 Older house not upgraded
51 to 65 Upgraded older house
66 to 74 Energy-efficient upgraded older house
66 to 74 Typical new house
75 to 79 Energy-efficient new house
*80 Target minimum, currently achieved by all homes in Larch Park
80 to 90 Highly efficient new house
91 to 100  An advanced or “near zero” house that uses little or no purchased energy. 
Likely generates its own energy

In order to obtain an Energuide rating a builder must model the home with the Hot 2000 modeling software which will predict the energy performance of the home.  By reviewing the Hot2000 data the builder can then make additional improvements as desired. Once construction is complete, the house is tested for air tightness and a final rating label is issued.

An Energuide Rating is a stand-alone rating, but it is also a requirement of the three rating systems below.  It is a requirement of all homes in Larch Park.


BuiltGreen is a broad-based flexible program that offers certification for new single family homes and row homes.  The primary purpose of Built Green is to encourage homebuilders to use technologies, products and practices that will:

  • Provide greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution
  • Provide healthier indoor air
  • Reduce water usage
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Improve durability and reduce maintenance

The program concentrates on four areas of environmental concern:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Indoor Air Quality
  3. Resource Use (including Waste Management)
  4. Overall Environmental Impact

The overall rating (Bronze Silver, Gold or Platinum) is determined by a combination of Energuide rating and total points in the above categories.

LEED Canada for Homes

The Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) manages the LEED Canada for Homes Rating System.

It is also a broad based, flexible rating system, offering points or credits available in eight categories:

  • Innovation & Design Process
  • Location and Linkages
  • Sustainable Sites
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Awareness & Education

There are minimum prerequisites in each category with additional points earned by exceeding the minimum standards. The overall rating (Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum) is determined by the total number of points earned.


R2000 is a program created in the early 1980’s by the Canadian Home Builders' Association and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).  It is primarily focused on energy efficiency, though recently it has been updated to include requirements for indoor air quality and resource efficiency.

It has the most stringent quality assurance requirements of all the programs listed here due to a number of required tests and inspections during construction.

A builder choosing to follow an R2000 path shall be an R2000 Certified builder, achieve a minimum Energuide rating of 80 and provide evidence of certification from NRCan.

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